Apply for an SMI Scholarship

You can apply for an SMI scholarship if you have all the following requirements:

  • are an adult immigrant
  • have financial need
  • are legally able to work
  • have at least a high school diploma or HiSET (GED)
  • have English language proficiency levels that ensure you will succeed in the course
  • do not qualify for public or private financial aid
  • if employed, work for an employer that does not offer any stipend for educational studies
  • live in greater Portland, Maine
  • are seeking the additional English language or professional skills necessary to achieve post-secondary educational or career goals.

Download Application Form

Click on the above link and the PDF document will show in a new browser tab. From there you may download or print the application form.

*Please note that our scholarships vary depending on the cost of a course. It is possible that this scholarship will not cover the entire cost of your course.

If you have questions about the application form please contact SMI.