Donate to Scholarships for Maine Immigrants

Scholarships for Maine Immigrants is a small nonprofit, volunteer-run organization with minimal operating overhead. Our mission is to help local immigrants and refugees gain the English language competence and career skills necessary to achieve their educational and professional goals in their new home.

Support from individuals, businesses and foundations is needed to ensure that SMI can continue to provide scholarships. Scholarship awards depend on the contributions received from our annual fall appeal and donations made throughout the year. Since 2000, we have awarded hundreds of scholarships to immigrants from over 48 countries.

To make a donation please donate securely online with PayPal®:


We are very grateful you are choosing to donate to SMI. We wanted you to know that at this time we can’t guarantee that your gift will be tax-deductible. 

We’re waiting for the IRS to finalize its review of SMI’s request to shift our tax status from Private Foundation to Public Charity. The pandemic has slowed the IRS’ capacity to finalize this transition, as well as making it difficult for us to communicate with the IRS during this time. 

Until the review is complete, we can’t guarantee that your donation will be tax deductible. If it is not important to you that your gift be tax-deductible, we welcome your donation, and will be exceedingly grateful for your support. 

We remain optimistic that, even with the slow pace of the IRS, this situation will be resolved in the near future. If you would like to receive an update when our tax-exempt status is again guaranteed, please email us at .

Thank you for your patience and understanding.